• Mini Multis Collection

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Reed is literally just around the corner. Be sure to stop by in Walkway WS1075 (between Town Hall and The Grand), to see our exciting new prints and products. Introducing our NEW Mini Multis, extended DUOs and featuring new brand, Belfae and their exquisite bamboo jersey, screenprinted [...]

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  • Piccadilly

How can you not pop into Piccadilly Market, for each and every one of it’s three Markets each year. Hitting top spot as a must-visit, must-buy experience, in March, August and December, this event is held at Deakin Waterfront Geelong. Even the Weather God knows to put on it’s sunniest smile on these Sundays. With [...]

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  • Protea

We’ve received a call, a call from our Banksia’s cousin, the king of Flowers, the Protea. Inspired by it’s strength, it’s character and it’s dominant beauty, we have developed a new print to feature in this year’s new collection. Utilising the colours of a South African summer sky and the Cape Town surrounds, this fresh [...]

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  • New_Multi

So in one hand you have a stunning, new iPad Mini and in the other, the Kindle that somehow managers to keep you warm at night. And then somewhere in the middle you may have an A5 Sketch Book to keep you and your coffee company for an hour or so each afternoon. Or maybe [...]

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